I was faced with the task of creating a development plan for one very global project. After the session with Svetlana, I came out with a clear understanding of the stages that I want to implement in a year.

Svetlana very  knows how to listen deeply and attentively, to ask questions in such a way that you begin to look at the situation from different points in a new way. This is just magic! It is also important that I feel the credibility of the person. In my opinion, 70% of the success of a session depends on this.

I would like to have the opportunity to periodically contact Svetlana when there are requests, since her knowledge, competencies and tools are very diverse, she skillfully uses them in her work, which allows the client to solve completely different issues.

If there are any unresolved deadlocks, or if there is something that I would like to let go of, if there are goals, but need help in finding the motivation for a pleasant approach to them, or just want to discuss an exciting question with someone, then I strongly advise you to contact to Svetlana as a real Professional with a capital letter!

Maria, 29 years old